My name is Chelsea Lewis and I'm a freelancer that loves anything to do with sports. Capturing sporting events, to designing epic sport posters is my specialty. Residing in Reading Pennsylvania, I can create brand identities and logos from anywhere, or travel far and wide to get coverage of your event.
Custom Logos to Make Your brand Stand Out
Your logo is what represents your brand to your customers. It should be something unique and distinct to stand out from the crowd. 
Sure there are powerful AI tools now to autogenerate you a quick and easy option. But it won't curate something unique to help you stand out from your competition.
As a freelancer with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and Media Arts, you can rely on me to create something personalized and dedicated to you.
Get Photo or Video Coverage for Your Event
Professional sporting event coverage is one of my favorite things to do. 
Sure you can pull out your phone and snap some quick shots, but with my high end camera equipment, I can capture something much more clear and memorable. 
Specializing in sports coverage, you can rely on me to capture those critical moments in high quality.